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Viper 10 Black
Name: Viper 10 Black
Shelves time: 2014-12-29
Views : 7277
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  • Screen type:Rental version

    Panel size : 500 x 500 x 100 mm(133 with frame)

    Panel area :0.25m²

    Brightness:5000 Nits calibrated output

    LED source:patented 3 in 1 Black body and black face packaging with non reflective emission area

    Life time:> 80,000 hours

    Viewing angle – horizontal:140°

    Viewing angle - vertical:120°

    Pixel resolution:48×48

    Pixels per square meter:9,216 pixels/m²

    Physical pitch:10.4 mm

    Pixel configuration:1 LED per pixel(SMD 3 in 1, 1 Green, 1 Red, 1 Blue)

    Viewing distance:Recommended a minimum of 8–10 meters

    Calibration:By radiant camera and stored into the Intelligent LED module

    Input voltage (nominal):100 - 240 VAC

    Input power frequency:50 – 60 Hz.

    Operating temperature:-20 to 50°

    IP rating front:IP65

    IP rating back:IP65

    Certification:CE, EMC,TUV

    Processing:True 16 BIT

    Display refresh rate:Max. 2000 Hz

    Brightness control:100 levels

    Drive Method:Static drive

    Max power consumption:250 Watt

    Average power consumption:100 Watt

    Data interconnection:1 Gbps data transmission

    Cabling:Included (1 power jumper and 1 data jumper)

    Weight per LED panel:approx5.2 kg

    Weight per square meter:20.4

    Total weight per m² including creative frame:42 Kg

    Curving option for creative frame:convex and concave up to 15 degrees

    Total weight per m² including tour frame:52 Kg

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